The National Weather Service in Louisville, Ky Issued a Special Weather Statement Tuesday…

"...Fire danger will increase on Wednesday afternoon due to gusty 
west winds and very low relative humidities. West winds at 15 to 20 mph
with gusts to 25 mph, and relative humidities near 25 percent,
will cause drying of dead and grassy fuels on Wednesday afternoon.
Fires may become difficult to control. Anyone burning outdoors
should exercise extreme caution, or postpone burning until
conditions improve...."

With this statement the Lafayette Twp Fire Protection District is asking it's customers
 and residents of Floyd County not to burn yard waste on Wednesday. 
This may continue through Thursday if conditions persist.If you decide
 to ignore this request and your fire gets out of control, you must call 911 immediately. 
Any time wasted will cause an Immediate danger to you and others near you. 




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