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As January weather remained mild, construction heated up and the first and second story of the addition quickly took shape. Steel framing was raised, utilities placed, concrete floors were poured, interior walls went up and the training tower concrete blocking was finished.


First Week of January- Steel is starting to be raised and the two story addition is starting to take shape.

First Week of January- Steel is starting to be raised and the two story addition is starting to take shape.



December Continued- The footings and foundation for the two story addition were dug and poured. Construction is moving along even with the poor weather conditions.


Week of December 1st – Construction has been moving rapidly. AML Construction started pouring the foundation for the addition, Koetter Group Construction finished raising the roof of the apparatus bays and the ceiling for it mostly installed. The electricians from Star Electric placed most of the lighting and Sprigler Door Service Inc. hung the bay doors over the weekend. Roberts Heating and Cooling also started to hang the air filtration system back in place.



Week of November 14th – The old front of the building was removed and the bays have been lifted to a height of 16 feet. The new parking lot has been graded and leveled. The pictures below show some of the progress.


For more pictures follow this link Building Renovations.

A public hearing was held on November 14th for a variance on the conditional use of the fire house expansion in a residential zone and the height of the training tower that is attached to the expansion, which will be above the 35’ (feet) allowed. The Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) passed the variance unanimously. You can view the staff report from the BZA by follow the link: Zoning Appeals FC-10-11-31


Phase one of construction has begun on the renovations to station 1. Contractors have begun to remove the electric and other components in the bays so that the roof can be raised.


We had 3 firms request our RFQ/RFP (Request For Qualifications/Request For Proposal). Those three firms were Koetter Group, Laughlin Millea Hillman & Jon Paul

Two firms that requested our RFQ/RFP submitted packages. Those two firms submitted their completed package submitted as a team, Laughlin Millea Hillman/Upton Pry and The Koetter Group/AML.

One firm DID NOT request our RFQ/RFP as required, but did submit some information and interest in the project after the required due date. They did not follow the procedures stated in the Legal Advertisement so it was not considered.

A Technical Review Committee (TRC) was appointed by the Board of Fire Trustees following Indiana Code. It was comprised of three appointments, a representative of the agency (Lafayette Twp. Fire Protection District) Jeremy Klein, a Certified Contractor Jeremy Schickel, who also holds a degree as an EIT (Engineer in Training), and an Architect, Lynn Armstrong.

After the Technical Review Committee met and reviewed the summited RFQ/RFP from both teams, interviews were conducted with those teams. After the interviews were completed the TRC made their recommendations to the Board of Trustees. The Board then discussed the recommendation, open sealed bids and awarded the Design-Build renovations and additions contract to The Koetter Group/AML.

September 15th

Below are the Koetter Group/AML “PROPOSED” Design-build renovation plans. The Operations Chief Jeremy Klein and Department Building Committee (Dep. Chief Don Allen & Todd Schindler, Andrea Belden, Ryan Houchen, Jeff Miller, and Jamie Schindler) will discuss with the contractor the component details of the structure as well as timelines. The Operations Chief, Building Committee and Board will negotiate component details with the contractor to Value Engineer the building to have a building that meets the needs of today and the future. The Operations Chief will meet with the contractor and finalize building floor plans.


The plans below are a proposal only; small changes will be made to accommodate our needs if we see items that need changed in the floor plan.

You can download the RFQ/RFP packages and the full renovation proposals by following the links to the download page.