The Lafayette Township Fire Department is comprised of two stations, Station 1 and Station 2. Station 1 is staffed 24hrs and Station 2 is responded to by Professional Volunteer Firefighters. Professional Volunteer Firefighters will also respond to Station 1 to back-up Professional Career Staffing with response of the second and third apparatus.


Station 1 is located on Scottsville Road near Floyds Knobs; IN. Station 2 is located on Atkins Road in the heart of Lafayette Twp. Our response area includes several large schools and businesses. Single-family homes ranging from new construction to over 100 years in age make up the bedroom community. Major roadways such as Interstate 64 and US 150 that bring commuters to and from Louisville, Kentucky from this community and surrounding communities to the west.


Station 1 operates a class ‘A’ engine/ tanker, quad engine, heavy rescue, ambulance unit, brush truck, and a haz-mat trailer with swift water rescue. Professional Career Firefighters along with Professional Volunteer Firefighters responded to over 500 emergency incidents last year. The Professional Career Firefighters and Professional Volunteer Firefighters of Lafayette Township Fire Department are made up of over 35 individuals, with 11 Professional Career Firefighters and 24 Professional Volunteer Firefighters. Station 2 operates one class ‘A” engine, one brush truck. Lafayette Township Fire Department prides itself in providing superior service to the community in all emergency responder aspects.